Saturday, September 26, 2015


Hey beautiful people! Fall is finally here. I love this weather, mostly because most of our biggest festivals fall in this time of the year and this weather brings back some good memories. So, on to the outfit, I've been loving the suede trend since a while back and I finally got my hands on this cute skirt for my first addition. I think this tan skirt is perfect for fall because of it's warm tone. I paired it with this blueish greyish loose sweater, some lace up heels and a black sling purse. Also I added this layered necklace so accessorize it a bit. I wore this outfit to my brothers art exhibition yesterday. I hope you guys like the look ^_^

Loose sweater| Tan skirt| Purse| Lace up shoes: Lane 88
Layered necklace: Top shop

xoxo, Shreya <3

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Flash Black

Hello beautiful people! So yuuuup I'm finally posting after a month. I said I'd be punctual but i had a really bad experience at the salon and i had to chop off allot of my hair. I've never had this short hair in my life and I felt really insecure but now i'm finally learning to accept it and doing everything i can to get it back to health and grow it out. Anyway I'll be posting as often as I can from now on. For this post I decided to go for a simple look that's inspired by the 90s. I paired this white collared black dress with my highest black chunky platforms and accessorized it with my crystal necklace. I hope you guys like it :)

White collared black dress: Lane 88
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Watch: Swatch

xoxo, Shreya <3

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Trims

Hello beautiful people! God! I really need to be punctual with this. My excuse for being lost is that i really needed a vacation and i took one. But I'm back and I'll try posting at least once a week. And I'll try not going mia for months. Anyway back to the post, even though it rain almost every single day it's still very hot and humid so I love wearing light and loose clothes. But no matter what season or weather I always reach out for monochrome colors. For this look I paired a black tank top with my new favorite pom pom shorts and black mules and accessorized with some silver jewelry.  I hope you guys like it :) <3

Black tank: Lane 88
Pom pom shorts: H&M
Black mules: Forever 21
Silver necklace: H&M

xoxo, Shreya <3

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hints of gold

Hey beautiful people! I'm back with a new post. Sorry I skipped last week because i was really busy with some personal matters. My posts might be irregular for few weeks because I'll be traveling. Anyway back to the post, one of my favourite piece this summer has been this jumpsuit that I recently bought, It's light, comfortable and it love the print. I accessorized it with my golden statements necklace, clear clutch and my tan heels which both have hints of gold in them. I hope you guys like it ^_^

Jumpsuit : Lane 88
Shoes: Lane 88
Golden statement necklace: Lane 88
Watch: Swatch
Clear clutch: The One

xoxo, Shreya <3

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Loosen up ☼

Hey beautiful people! I'm back with another post even though i am a day late :P I put together some of my favourites items (Statement necklace, black lace top) to create this look. That's all for the description. I hope you guys like it :)

Hat: Lane 88
Necklace: Cocogirls
Black lace top: Lane 88
Plain mom jeans: Lane 88
Strappy heels: Lane 88

xoxo, Shreya <3

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hello beautiful people! I'm back after a month and a half but it really feels like forever. The end of april and the whole month of may was a really shitty month for my country due to the earthquake. The lives and historical monuments we lost has really made the transition phase to get back to our normal lives quite slow. But I'll try to be as punctual as possible for now. I'll post once a week I can't be sure about the day but it'll prolly be on wednesday. Back to the outfit details, when I was in school I was a really tomboyish kid and loved my sneaker but once i started college I got more into heels but I'm loving both atm. This sneaker is a mixture of my current phase and my school phase. It really was love at first sight. I kept my outfit simple with a simple high waisted ripped shorts and a white graphic tank as i wanted the shoes to be the highlight of this outfit and i accessorized it with this pleather cap and the gold watch :) I hope you guys like it !

White graphic tank: Lane 88
High waisted ripped shorts: Lane 88
Sneaker wedges: Anta
Gold watch: Swatch 
Pleather cap : Lane 88

xoxo, Shreya <3

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Hey beautiful people! I'm back with a new post styling my simple gray set dress. I styled it by adding a black cape, strappy shoes and accessorised with a silver necklace. It's a simple look I'd wear to a dinner date. I hope you guys like it :)

Gray set dress | Black cape | Strappy shoes | Silver necklace : Lane 88

xoxo, Shreya <3

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Take me away

Hey beautiful people! I'm back with a new post . . I surprised myself being back in time too :D Coachella just ended and god knows how much i wanted to be there so i put this music festival/beachy day inspired outfit. I added a leather jacket at the end if it gets chilly. I hope you guys like this :) 

Dress | Shoes | Hat : Lane 88
Jacket: Zara
Necklace: Sanna's vision  

xoxo, Shreya <3

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Swing Into Spring

Hey beautiful people! I'm finally back after 2 freaking months *sighs* feels like forever. But i missed this soo much.. So, I'm back with a new post. For this week I'm uploading on a saturday but i'll be back to posting every wednesday hopefully ;) Thinking about spring and summer is what got me through the dreadful cold winter and I'm so happy it's finally getting warmer. I paired this chiffon floral top (which screams spring to me) with my pleather quilted shorts and my favourite new chunky white shoes. If I were to pick out a spring uniform for me from my closet, this ensemble would be it. I hope you guys like it :) <3

Chiffon floral top | Pleather shorts | White chunky shoes : Lane 88

xoxo, Shreya <3 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Silver lining


Hey beautiful people! I'm back with a new post finally after two weeks :( I'm sorry last two weeks have been really busy and painful -_- On my last blog post i told you about my collab with lane 88 but it got delayed because of the shipping problem. I did get few of the items(sweat pants, sweat shirt and the camo crop top) so i decided to style them. I didn't get allot of pictures :/ so i hope you guys don't mind! I promise I'll make the next post better ;) But on the bright side I am in love with this collection and i hope you guys like it too :) (these stuff will be available soon)

Gray cardigan: Lane 88
Sweat pants: Lane 88
Silver sweatshirt: Lane 88
Camo crop top: Lane 88
Silverish Nike air max: Borrowed

xoxo, Shreya <3

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Layer up!

Hey beautiful people! I'm back with another post. I feel like at least 3 layers are a must in this cold weather. You can wear this at day or night. I'm going to have a collab with lane 88 soon where i have hand picked and ordered all the stuff and it will be out on the end of Jan. But i'll start posting pics from next week. I hope you do come :) <3 I hope you like this post ^_^

Leather sleeved khaki jacket: Lane 88 ( H&M)
Grey cardigan: Lane 88
Gradient sweater: H&M
Pants: Lane 88
Boots: Lane 88

xoxo, Shreya <3

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mad for plaid ;)

Hey beautiful people! Happy new year 2K15! I'm sorry i couldn't post what i wore for new years. But i did post a pic in my instagram so if you want you can check it out :) I love myself a big cozy jacket for the winter and this plaid one was a love at first sight ;) I'm loving layering white shirt with black sweaters these day so, for today i paired it with my boxy black dress. I added some sheer tights (If you can't take the cold you can add opaque tights as well) and my black slip ons. It's perfect for casual day outs when you don't wanna wear the usual pant and shirt pairing. I hope you guys like it ^_^ and i hope you have an awesome year ahead :) 

Plaid jacket: Lane 88
White shirt Navyaata concepts 
Dress: Lane 88
Slip ons: Lane 88
Necklace: Lane 88

xoxo, Shreya <3