Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sticking to mono ❤

Hey beautiful people! This is a look i prepared with Mfashionista store awhile and almost forgot about :P hehe anyway this is the pros of always having a back up so when i'm too busy/lazy to click pictures for new post i can still post something for my loyal viewers. What more can i say about this ensemble except i pretty much always gravitate towards black and white. I hope you guys like it. P.s. don't forget to check this sick store. You can go to there facebook page at Mfashionista for more details and location. 

White crop top/corset : Mfashionista
Puffy circle skirt: Mfashionista 
Shoes: Lane 88
Hat: Fashion facts online 

xoxo, Shreya <3

Thursday, August 21, 2014

On the lane

Hey beautiful people sorry for being late again. Long story short i had the most awful day yesterday. Lost my phone and couldn't get the picture in time. Anyway i'm back again and collabing with my favourite shop lane88. I'll be doing this prolly every month for there new arrivals. Most of the time when some asks me about the outfit but it's already sold out. But i hope this time it isn't. anyway do check them out. And if you wanna buy anything from this post you can get 25% off if you reference to my blog. I hope you guys like it. P.S. I love you guys. Your views and comments is what makes me so so happy.

Crop top: Lane 88
Skirt with slight cutouts: Lane 88
Shoes: Lane 88
Bag pack: Lane 88

xoxo, shreya <3

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It can go two ways ;)

Hey my beautiful people! Hehe this is me trying to be on time, well im few mins late cause its mid night and it's Thursday. Give me some credit for trying maybe hehehe! Well there is not much to say about this post beside it revolves around boyfriend jeans and trying to pair it up from a casual day look to a night out look. P.s. this is the most comfortable bf jeans EVERR! I absolutely adore it because it basically feels like my pjs. And if you guys were wondering if i'm advertising for lane 88 because most of the things i have in my blog are from them; the answer is No! The things is i get a text from them when there is new arrivals and i basically end up finding everything i am looking for in one place and end up spending all my pocket money :D Well I hope you guys like it! Love you <3

ACDC Muscle tank: Lane 88
Boyfriend jeans: Lane 88
Heels: Lane 88
Snapback: Lane 88
Necklace: Lane 88
Flannel: Topshop
Sneakers: Converse 

xoxo, Shreya <3

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Under the sun ☼

Hey beautiful people! here is a quick and simple post of my go-to hot summer day outfit. I love this little dress because it's light and flowy and is perfect for those hot summer days where you don't wanna wear body hugging outfits. I paired it with my black T-strap flats, my floppy hat and sling bag. I hope you guys like it ;)

Floppy hat: Fashion facts online
Dress: Lane88
T-strap flats: Lane88
Sling bag: Lan88

xoxo, Shreya <3