Friday, September 27, 2013

Back to basic :)

heyaa :) im back with my new post :) i decided that from now on i'll post once or twice a week cause i've been a bit busy these days, but i hope you'll still visit my blog :)
So for this post i decided to keep my outfit simple and just pairing my white cable net sweater, which is also one of my  favourites at the moment, with my dark blue high waist shorts and black roughed out suede boots which has a little buckle and studs details.
At night i just wore a military jacket, when it got slightly chilly :)
I hope you lovely peoples like it !

White cable net sweater: DKNY
Dark blue shorts: A shop from pokhara (sorry i don't remember the name)
Black rough out suede boots: Xhilaration 
Military jacket: Org Singapore army (my boyfriends inheritance which i stole ;) )

Photo credits: to My best bitch Sushmita aka sushi and my boo <3

xoxo, shreya <3

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Obsessed with navy blue :)

Hello lovelies :) I'm sorry i haven't been able to post for the past two days but i'm back with my new post. As the early fall here is still hot, i decided to wear one outfit in two way by just changing my shoes and a draped blazer. P.s. I've been addicted to navy blue <3 I hope you guys like it :)

xoxo, shreya <3

Striped navy blue sheer shirt: navyaata concept
Grey jegging: lipsy collection 
black draped blazer: timing
navy blue peep toe ankle booties: Steve madden 
ballerinas: sen-o-ra
key locket: navyaata concept

Monday, September 23, 2013

Nail art designs for beginners :)

Hey  lovelies! So today i thought about posting some of the nail arts i did in the past. All of these are really easy to do, with nothing much but the nail polish you desire to wear and a toothpick. Nail art for me is like an accessory which helps me amp up my hands :)
so i hope this ideas help you too <3

I don't need branded nail polish because as long as the top coat is good it lasts long enough to satisfy me :)
 Topcoat: Inglot 

xoxo, shreya

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Throwback: photo shoot for fun :)

As i did OOTD for the past two days i thought i'd take a break and just post a throwback picture from a photo shoot my friend did for me couple of months ago :)
hope you guys like it <3

Cream dress: DS collection
Black wedges: Fascino Phoebe 
Collar necklace: was from an online shop (don't remember the name :/ sorry)

xoxo, shreya <3

Saturday, September 21, 2013

OOTD: Off to work :)

hello beautiful people ! So today's OOTD is what about my off to work formal wear!
As my work requires casual to formal wear i decided to go formal today.
I'm keeping my outfit simple by pairing my cream white sheer shirt with my black blazer, my teal green pants with snake print pumps  

cream white sheer shirt: naavyata collection
black blazer: civil mall 
teal green pants: lipsy collection
snake print pumps: atmosphere 

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xoxo, shreya <3

Friday, September 20, 2013


                                                        Black jeggings: Bling (local store)
                                      comic print t (batman): cuckoo's nest nep (FB shopping site)
                                                     polka dot creepers: lipsy collection

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ready steady BLOG :)

                                                    Round glasses : Accessories.Nep x
                                                     Heineken Tank top : local store

Hello beautiful people!! So, every time I've been asked to give my introduction i even forget my name but i'll try by recalling ;) . I'm Shreya. I'm an A level student and i'm also doing a part time cashier job at Isis. I'm a shopaholic. I love photography. I love going on long rides. I love to dance and sing even though i'm not good at either. I love listening to music while i am doing anything and everything, Yes even when i'm about to go to bed.

For my blog's name, Pastel for me represents the versatility those soft colours have so i just went with it. I dress up according to my mood so i don't have a specific style but if i had one word or style to describe it, it would be edgy. This picture was taken by my photographer friend Dennis awhile ago. I always wanted to make a blog cause i was so inspired by all the youtubers actually, especially andreaschoice, bubzbeauty, michellehkim and the last push i got was from my blogger friend Rhea aka peppyowl <3 Do visit my blog for more updates and follow me ^_^