Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't sweat it ;)

Hello beautiful people! I'm back with a new post, I missed out last week cause winter got to me (cold,cough etc). Well actually It's still fall but it's the coldest one -_-. I HATE THE COLD WEATHER!! Anyway I had been on a hunt to find a nice pair of sweat pants because it's so comfy and versatile. So when I finally found one, i put together an outfit that i'd wear in a lazy day out. It  includes two of my favourite purchases from this month; the oversized top with faux leather and stud details and the lace slip ons with faux leather and studs. Yup! i'll never get enough of the leather and stud combo ^_^  I hope guys like it :)

Snapback: Lane 88
Top: Lane 88
Sweatpants: Modishly Rad
Slip ons: Lane 88
Tartan faux leather bomber jacket: Grazia 
Triangle necklace: Lane 88

xoxo, Shreya <3 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All eyes ◔_◔

Heyaaa beautiful people! I'm back with a new post for you guys :) I was on a hunt for a new olive jacket for fall and winter. And I finally found this one that I really liked that had Eye prints all over. I kept the rest of the outfit really simple by pairing it with my Beatles Top, Skater Skirt and my brown Boots. This is more appropriate for not too cold fall. If fall is colder where you live you can option for tights and wear a cardigan underneath the jacket, I hope you guys like it. ^_^

Jacket: Lane 88
Beatles top: Navyaata concepts
Skater skirt: Lane 88
Boots: Lipsy
Heart  necklace: Lane 88

xoxo, Shreya <3

Thank you anmol (aka huffy aka murgi) for the pics :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hey beautiful people! I'm back, this time on time :) The weather is getting a bit colder at night so i put together this outfit. Layering some of my favourite piece. The thing I'm most excited about is I can finally bust out my leather jacket! YESSAA :D This outfit defines me so I really hope you guys like it! :)

Leather jacket: Aisha
AD/DC top: Lane 88
Asymmetrical sheer shirt: Lane 88 
Leggings: Lipsy
Sneaker wedges: Online shop ( don't remember the name)

xoxo,Shreya <3

Thursday, October 2, 2014

This festive season ❤

Hey beautiful people, firstly i'd like to apologise for being late, but in my defense it wasn't my fault my crappy internet connection was down for 12+ hours and as it's dashian it took some time to fix. On that point a very happy dashain to everyone :) I put this outfit together for this week because this is what i'd wear for a family get together this festive season. I don't have allot about to say about this outfit except it's simple, comfortable and sums up fall or me. i really hope you guys like it ^_^ 

Top/sweater: Lane88
Belt: Cuckoo's Nest Nep
Pants: Lane88
Shoes: Lane88
Necklace: Accessories Nep. X

xoxo, Shreya <3