Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Maybe it's an addiction ツ

Hey! sorry this post was meant to be put up friday but i'm kinda late :P Any way i went shopping a week back and got somethings that i instantly fell in love with it. I am a shopaholic and it's kinda problem for my pocket well but as the famous quote goes " I like my money right where i can see it..hanging in my closet" ;) Any one of my favorite pieces was this bodycon midi skirt with pot leaf print. Some people get addicted to pot and I got addicted to clothes(shopping). It's a simple pair up but i hope you like it :) p.s. no I don't smoke pot. 

Black top: Maxteen (lane88)
Bodycon midi skirt with pot leaf print: Lane 88
Accessories: Lane 88
Shoes: DS collection 

xoxo,shreya <3

Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Chillin ;)

Hey yo :) it kinda sucks that i'm not able to update my blog as much as i want to. Well the april shower is kinda pissing me off  and well i'm kinda busy because of my big brother is finally getting married ^_^ i'm sooo happy <3 but yeah back to the post. I finally found a nice pair of new balance (thanks to trisha di) and boyfriend jeans! Totally in love. So i put together this comfy outfit that is perfect to chill or to run errand in! Hope you like this post and i promise i'll try to post more <3 

Nine face snap back: Lane88
Studded Faux Leather Jacket: Atmosphere (Up&Sass)
Star view top: Top shop (Lane 88)
Boyfriend Jeans: Lane88
Sneakers: New balance

xoxo, shreya <3