Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring simplicity ❤

Hey i'm back! so I can't tell how happy i'm excited for the warmer season so here is a post to describe it! I had so much fun today with my Beautiful people, my photographers (ie my best friend; Sushmita, my boo; Hoddle and my brother; Isato) A big thanks to them <3 There aren't many items in this post but these are still a summer/spring essential. Like a white spring/summer dress and ofc the floral head piece, it really makes me feel like a princess more than a tiara could ever!! Anyway I hope you guys like it! I'm gonna put up a new post in friday aswell so i hope you guys check it out <3

White spring/summer dress: ZARA
Beige and black pointy flats: DS collection
Floral head piece: Aisha 
Heart key locket: Accessories Nep. X
Watch: Swatch 
The book i'm reading is Love story by Erich Segal

xoxo, shreya <3

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Blues ❀

HEYYY!! I'm so freaking happy that spring is here ^_^ and i'm all smiles! I wasn't a huge fan of floral prints before but i'm slowly getting addicted to it. I collected few pieces last year but i never wore it much but this year i'm flaunting it ;) one of my favourite piece is this sheer navy blue and white jacket <3 i know i've been disappearing time to time :/ i hope you forgive me! and hope you like this post <3

Floral navy blue sheer  jacket: DS collection
Blue pants: DS collection
Grey cut out top: Navyaata concept
White oxfords: DS collection
Black gold studded bag: DS collection
Peace gold necklace: Accessories . Nep x
(Local store)

xoxo, shreya <3